Saturday, December 14, 2013


This is my recommended reading list on Assertiveness.,_Aggressive_and_Assertive_Communication.pdf

Of course these lists are not required reading, just a few suggestions to get you started on a road to more effective communication.  It can help you with your job, your business, your personal relationships. Most important to me, it can help get a good candidate elected to office.




Here is my suggested reading list on Cognitive Distortions. I'm posting mostly for my election team, but if you enjoy a good debate you may learn a lot as well.

This is my Cognitive Distortions list: 

 This is only a few of the articles available online, but I hope it will help you locate additional material if you wish to do so.

Understanding cognitive distortions; learning recognize & construct accuracy in thinking, help us in many facets of life. It can help you become a more effective, more efficient debater.

Let me know if you need my help with any of this.


Saturday, September 28, 2013

~*~Who The Hell Is Donovan~*~

I seem to be on the last lap of my journey through life.  As I continue to learn & to grow; my friends will be asking who "Donovan" is.  Well Donovan is one of the most brilliant, kindest, & most tolerant human beings I've ever met. Yes, my friends, he is an atheist.

I found this posted on his Twitter timeline with his goodnight; my first thought when I read it was, "That pretty much says it all. The answer to every question I've been asked about my new grasp of reality." My second thought was, "Who the hell is Epicurus?"

Anyway, here's what I'm sharing:

I love you, & stay well.

Rosie (Rox)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Sometimes, I just want to pull my hair out. Why do people with firm preconceived ideas, no matter how faulty those ideas may be, insist on even talking to me. 

I've been alive forever; I am music & I write the songs...No, that's not me.

Oh yes, I've been alive forever; or maybe it just feels like forever. I know who I am. I think for myself. I do so much research just to assure that I have the correct information, but why? No one cares what I actually know. They believe what they've been fed by the left, regardless of the turds floating in it.  Left, Right, or in the Middle; doesn't really matter; the truth will always be the truth. Unfortunately, trying to be honest with closed minded bigots of any kind is a complete & utter waste of my time & theirs.

Trying to explain the problems  Americans have with the ACA, trying to explain the difference between establishment politicians & the American people. We love truth, justice, & hope for a brighter tomorrow.  But when you fill your mind with preconceived misinformation from people who don't have a clue about what's going on in America today, why even bother to talk to me. 

I'm always happy to answer questions. I'm well informed, by my own choice. I have no motivation to give out false information. It's easy for me to be objective, but the rest of the world sometimes just makes me want to barf all over them.

We have a lot of Americans who don't have a clue what is going on in America today. Chances are most of the western world is in the dark too. It appears that the only place I can get accurate information is from my sources in the Middle East or even Russia is being more honest with Americans these days than our own government & our own media is. That's sad, that's really sad.  That's really, really, super sad.

I understand that the BBC may be a good source of information, but I don't have access to the BBC. I do have access to Al Jazeera.  I've often used them over the years to get information out of America to the rest of the world, but as of late, they're the only news source I have access to that even comes close to unbiased reporting.

As far as the ACA goes, I've read it. Well I read it when it was about 2,000 pages before the 2012 election.  Obama supporters still think that the around 1,000 pages which was the heart of the original proposal is the entire thing. So trying to explain to them usually is like getting a rock or a tree stump to agree with you. It's a complete waste of my time & theirs. 

The problem with ObamaCare is not only the cost, by the way, if it were the cost; you do eventually run out of other people's money. The biggest problem with Obama care is that it's like a train wreck, democrats, even the company execs who wrote the bill call it a train wreck. It's grown to well over 20,000 pages & still growing. Way too many Americans don't have a clue how bills or our government work. It's sad, it's really really sad.

I can't least everyone's complaints about ObamaCare, or I'd be writing forever. So I'll share the problems that I have with it.

One of the biggest problems that I have with ObamaCare is that no one bothered to read it before they voted it into law.  Now each day, we find more & more booby traps in it, they kill jobs, raise taxes, kill patients. Yes, it does all 3 & I'll tell you why.  With ObamaCare health insurance premiums have doubled, most democrats will even agree to that, some will explain that's a good thing, while others will debate changing political parties to moving out of the country.  We live in the real world folks. You cannot spend your entire life  spending other people's money. You cannot spend 5 or 8 years lying with every breath you take without it eventually catching up to you.

People may lie about us, they may lie to us; but fortunately they can neither force us to lie or make us stupid.

Now, onto the Obama administration. If you missed the part where our "great" leader said, "Al Qaeda is now our friend," chance are you won't believe it now. So, lets forget that. Let's consider for a moment what we do actually know for a fact about the man himself.  Barack Obama does not exist.  That's right, just like God, Barack Obama does not exist.  For 1 thing when his stepfather adopted him, his legal name became Barack Soetoro. He also became a citizen of Indonesia. That's not the rumors or even the school records that say he was a Muslim, & a citizen of Indonesia. That's all a matter of public record.  I've been working in politics in one capacity or another for many years, & I've learned that if it exists at all, it exists in the public record somewhere.

There was no mention of Barack Obama in the public record until he became the Senator who only voted "present," more times then any other US Senator in the history of America.  That's a matter of public record. Don't even ask, if I can find something you can find it & I don't owe you anything.  By the way, I honestly don't care what you think either so, you'll have to do your own homework or continue to spew garbage.  That's up to you.

It's a matter of public record that both the Obamas surrendered their law licenses to avoid criminal persecution for "fraud".  He lied to the bar, & she for insurance fraud. I found it, you can find it. I don't care if you look or not. 

Now that I've vented, I actually feel better. If you want further information, you may ask me nicely. Otherwise you may go **** yourself. That's life, then you die.

Thank you for your time, sorry if I didn't answer all of your questions, but since you already know everything what's the point in even talking to you?

Now have a cookie---->O

Rosie, Roxey (Other Wise Known As ROX!)