Wednesday, December 05, 2007

~Life's Lessons~

"Lessons I've Learned Through Living My Life"
There are a lot of things we learn from our parents, teachers, peers, and so on; but there are some lessons we learn only by living. Some of the things we learn are funny and some are heartbreaking.
Here's my list of life's lessons:
1. No human being is perfect.
2. Everyone masturbates.
3. Everyone lies.
4. Everyone needs to be loved and wanted.
5. The world changes everyday.
6. People change everyday.
7. You never dry your poodle in the microwave.
8. You never nap in a tanning bed.
9. You can never go home again.
10. Nothing is ever the same.
11. War is a constant, hate, and greed are the cause.
12. Not everyone we love, loves us back.
13. Dogs are 4 legged humans with fur.
14. Cats are possessed by Satan but blessed by Cupid.
15. Beauty is most times only skin deep.
16. Everyone is beautiful to the people who love us.
17. A mind is a terrible thing to waste, so is a heart, and soul.
18. People are just people.
19. Lust does not last.
20. Love is eternal.
21. God is real.
22. Evil is not God's will.
23. To some people "friend" is just a word.
24. To some people "friend" means that I love you even when you're stupid.
25. To some people "friend" means that I love you even when I'm stupid.
26. Sometimes my lists are way too long.

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