Monday, February 13, 2017

"How Can We Trust The "BIASED" Media To Be Unbiased?"

"How Can We Trust The "BIASED" Media To Be Unbiased?" By Rosie

What happened to the days, when Professional Journalists applied objectivity,
and professionalism to every story? I'm so sick of Americans bickering over political views, that I finally gave up and deleted both my Facebook and 
Twitter accounts.

Political rhetoric exists, it always has existed for at least as long as modern humans have been talking, disagreeing, and a cannibalizing one another.
I'm sure you probably thought they had stopped killing and eating one another, but sadly no. Last time I checked the "Left" hated the "Right," and the "Right" hated the "Left." While uneducated buffoons shake their fists and shout, "Kill them, kill them, violence is the only way to fix what is broken in America." Except that, "Division, hatred, and violence," are what's broken in America.

The Media plays a major role encouraging Americans to divide and destroy
America; I'm sure she'll survive but, I just feel so disappointed in a lot of the 
ugliness that I've seen in America, ever increasing over the past 20-30 years.
Republicans blame the Democrats; Democrats blame the Republicans, without 
a clue that a republic and a democracy are the same thing. In fact, it use to be the
"Democratic-Republican Party."

I try to think which is more biased and ugly today, the media, the democrats, or the republicans? Political parties have become the worst idea any American ever
came up with. Then I think of the "Liberal Christians," and the "Conservative
Christians," hating one another. Using the quote, "Love they enemy," just gets me cussed out, yes profanity. Then I smirk and just walk away.

Sometimes I just like to share my thoughts, without Twitter or Facebook, I 
guess I'll just share them here. In the mean while I'm still waiting for "Professional Journalists," to behave in an objective and professional manner.

I love people, America, and Lady Liberty. Nope, I did not say that I love anyone's god or goddess. If I was their god or goddess, I would have devoured
them all by now. 

Here's something a little entertaining if you're a reader:
  "A Modest Proposal" by Jonathan Swift

 Don't forget, "People are the riches of a nation."

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