Saturday, February 11, 2017

~My First President~

~*~By Rose~*~

My First President

"My First President, Whom I Remember Clearly" Source link.

Many conspiracy theories have arisen and fallen by the way side in my lifetime. Everytime there is an event that makes a mark on history, a dozen if not hundreds of conspiracy theories arise. I cannot debunk them all.

In 1963 I was barely past 7 years of age when my first president, President John F. Kennedy was riding in a convertible in a parade in dallas. I was so young, but the memories are so vivid of that day. The parade was passing through the streets of Dallas. We were watching the President's car, we all wanted to see our president, the first that many of us would remember. There was a gunshot that rang out, being a farm kid I could tell by the sound that it was a powerful rifle of some kind. I saw the President and Mrs. Kennedy. The President had been hit in the head, it looked like a large chunk of the back of his head had been blown onto the trunk of the convertible. His wife was screaming, panicking, she was trying to help her injured husband and to retrieve the chunk of what appeared to be bone and brain matter from the trunk of the car. I didn't see who pulled the trigger, but the shot obviously came from one of the tall buildings nearby. We were raced away from the traumatic view. The next I heard what that our president was dead and President Johnson had been sworn in. I believe he was sworn in on Air Force 1 although I don't remember that clearly after the trauma of that day.

The next trauma I witnessed, was when I was much older. It was the day after my first grandchild was born. She was born on September 10, 2001. On the eleventh I was too excited to sleep and was sitting in my living room watching one of the morning news shows. Something I do so seldom I don't even remember which morning show it was. They were filming a feature in New York City. Suddenly someone shouted something about a plane heading for the Trade Center; the camera panned to the building as the plane struck it. There was a great deal of chatter as major news casters began to pick up the story just as the second plane flew into the Trade Center. People were panicking in the streets and in the news rooms. What next? The day became as haze. Later it came on the news that passengers on a 3rd plane had called loved ones to say goodbye and that they were going to try to stop the highjackers on their plane. The plane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. There was a fourth plane that was said to have hit the pentagon. Although I did not see the fourth plane, the damage was immediately on the air of most news networks.

Both these events in history I bore witness to. Both have beecome the subject of many conspiracy theories. This is why I believe what my mother told me. She said as I was growing up, "Believe nothing that you hear, and only half of what you see." For once in her life my mom was right.

P.S. The first president that I actually remember was Dwight D. Eisenhower, I also remember Harry Truman, but not while he was in office.

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